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What will be the possible fleet agenda in 2019?

Considering the current uncertainty in business environments have you wondered what strategies will be formulated in 2019 to overcome this effect? It is certain that no company can totally avoid the impact of increasing costs. To subdue the effect of inflation, strategies will be formulated to make the operations more cost-effective.

As cost saving will be the top priority of any organization, policies will be executed to cut the cost and this will patently affect the fleet industry too. We have already seen this for a year or two, where the size of the staff has been reduced, traveling allowance has been deducted and unnecessary traveling has been limited.  But the ultimate solution to cut the cost of operation is in the implementation of telematics solution.

With versatile telematics solution such as Eagle-I, you can not only enhance the safety of the fleet but can also reduce the fuel-consumption with proper monitoring and notifications. Without using the right tool you cannot win the battle against the cost reduction. Eagle-I provides you the required insight of the fleet. With the proper scrutiny of the data, you can realize that investing in a telematics solution is not only worth the expense but is also budget positive when fully utilized. For instance, while using Eagle-I traffic layer you can not only monitor real-time traffic data but it will also help you in optimizing the routes and helps you in choosing the less congested route. Similarly, with the weather layer added, you can adjust the route depending on the condition, keeping your asset safe. Moreover, Eagle-I offers you driver’s scorecard to score and compare your drivers individually based on their performance and number of trips made.

Without the right tools, you cannot have the progress track of the above mentioned sophisticated ideas whether they are giving the desired results or not and if not then what changes are needed to make them work. But with the access to the fleet data, you can have valuable insights into everyday activities that could contribute substantial savings, both financially and practically.


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