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Driver Scorecard Revamped

Driver scorecard is now upgraded to a better and more flexible version. The features of new driver scorecard are:


  1. Performance of light vehicle drivers is not comparable with heavy vehicle drivers. So, the new scorecard allows you to categories your drivers into two categories: LTV (Light Transport Vehicle) and HTV (Heavy Transport Vehicle) Drivers.
  2. Eagle-I is a versatile fleet management platform, fully functional for all kinds of industrial sectors. Keeping that in consideration the new scorecard allows you to adjust the score violation weightage as per your industry needs.
  3. New back end mathematical model is implemented to calculate the overall rating of a driver. Now the calculated score is more relevant and give the best insight on the overall driver performance.
  4. Score Details Tab is added to the scorecard. It shows the score which driver has achieved under each type of violation.



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