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Why it is important to educate your fleet drivers about telematics?

As a fleet owner, you should have a clear understanding that your operations depend upon your drivers. From the safety of your assets to the prestige of your company, everything goes down to one factor, how good your drivers are?

Monitoring the drivers through telematics tools like Eagle-i’s driver behavior monitoring module, driver scorecard, or measuring performance through asset utilization, is essential. Applying such tools definitely turn telematics into forcing hand for safe driving, good behavior, better productivity, and of course cost saving. But from the viewpoint of drivers, who spend most of their time on the road, in a harsh environment and hectic duty schedules, telematics is nothing more than a burden and continuous stress. 

Telematics is no doubt a way to the safe and effective operation but also ensures the safety of the drivers themselves. Rather forcefully implementing telematics we encourage our partners to educate their drivers about its benefits and how it is a key to their safety on road. Following is a short list to start with:


  1. Eagle-i monitors speeding and rash driving, which shows the aggressiveness of the driver, so share this data with your drivers and try to eradicate the reason behind the stress. 
  2. Eagle-i also monitors the duration traveled. Longer a journey goes without rest means higher the fatigue. Notify your drivers and give them a break before something goes wrong.
  3. Use driver scorecard not only to penalize the bad drivers but also give rewards to good ones.
  4. Share the performance chart with drivers and take their feedback
  5. Shed off some load from overburdened drivers and put it on an under-utilized driver. 
  6. Efficiently use Eagle-i’s Traffic & Weather Layer along with geo-fences to save your drivers from inconvenient situations.


Show the drivers how you got this information from telematics and build their confidence in your decision of adopting it. This will ensure a better work environment while taking efficiency at new levels. 

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