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‘See the invisible’ with Nissan new connected car technology.

Nissan took the lead with its virtual reality technology, claiming to help drivers see the ‘invisible’


Nissan will unveil its invisible to visible (I2V) system in relation to connected car technologies at CEO 2019 trade show (January 8-11) at the Las Vegas Convention Center. It is presumed that this technology will blend the actual vision to the virtual images creating the ultimate driving experience.

I2V system will merge information from both outside (sensor) and inside the vehicle with data from the cloud. With this system not only the adjacent areas of the vehicles can be tracked but what is ahead can also be anticipated. I2V will collect the road condition data based on traffic environment and the vehicle’s surroundings and interior in real-time.

This new technology is developed by Nissan Intelligent Mobility with the vision to change the way cars are powered, driven and integrated into society.  Tetsuro Ueda, an expert leader from the Nissan Research Center, said: “By helping you see the invisible, I2V enhances your confidence and makes driving more enjoyable. The interactive features create an experience that’s tailored to your interests and driving style so that anyone can enjoy using it in their own way.”


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