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Telematics: Risk management tool or Threat, Choice is yours!

Telematics can be used in many ways to improve your fleet. One way to improve the safety of the fleet is to use it as a risk management tool. When used as a risk management tool it can serve as the best coach to train your driver and change its behavior. If not used properly it can also serve as a threat to an organization.

According to the BBC news, a bus company in the UK was fined £2.3 million for ignoring the warning of telematics solution about their driver. Earlier this year, the driver leads to fatal crash killing two people because of its mental health. The concerned driver was flagged up based on his poor performance by the telematics solution provider but the bus company tends to ignore it and let him drive.

The data produced by risk management tools such as telematics provides the inevitable insight if analyzed properly. Data, whether be in the form of driver behavior or driver score card, should be understood, analyzed and acted upon instantly.

The telematics solution can be utilized fully when it is installed with the motivation to do so. If the primary goal of installing the telematics solution is to cut the cost then the solution will only revolve around the management processes to increase the efficiency. But if an organization is determined to fully utilize the solution and to avail the data in a smart manner then it will not only optimize the cost but the efficiency, safety, driver and asset welfare.


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