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Why overloading is serious threat to road infrastructure?

Appropriate road infrastructure is the pre-requisite for the economic growth of any country. Every vehicle has a built-in capacity to carry passenger or cargo to the predefined extent. But it has been seen that the limit is generally overlooked in case of road freight transport resulting in the overloading of automobiles.  As per survey overloading is one of the most common infringements in road freight transport. Approximately one in three lorries are overloaded by 10-20% of legal limits. This excessive load not only prove to be a serious safety threat but causes serious damage to road infrastructure negatively impacting economic growth.

Globally, overloading has been declared as a safety concern accompanying high-cost concerns. Several campaigns have been launched to create awareness against damage caused by overloading. To protect the infrastructure and to increase the safety weights limits were defined by concerned authorities. These limits not only reduces the negative impacts of overloading but also increases safety and protects the environment. Since we all know when the engine of the vehicle is under stress, it emits more CO2 which leads to pollution as well as noise.

How overloading affects the vehicle?

Besides the damaging influence on the road infrastructure, overloading can havoc your vehicle. Since when the vehicle is burdened, its suspension system is under heavy stress due to which high speed cannot be managed properly. Moreover, such vehicle being less stable results in a reduced braking efficiency which makes your vehicle is more prone to the risk of an accident.  

Considering all the consequences of the overloading, Eagle-I now offers the monitoring of load with load sensors. With Eagle-I load sensors, you can monitor the weight of your vehicle round-the-clock. Not only this but Eagle-I also reports any change in your vehicle load in real-time with the exact location and timestamp. Eagle-I is aimed to ensure your accountability and credibility when your fleet is En-route.


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