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Nearly One-Third of Drivers Talk on Phone Daily revealed the survey

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) conducted the survey to determine the usage of mobile phones behind the wheel. The survey was conducted for the base year 2018.

Among 80% of the survey respondents admitted that they have used their cell phones behind the wheels in the past 30 days. Whereas 30% reported doing this on a daily basis. Here it is worth noting that the majority of the survey respondents mentioned that they use hands-free for talking on the phone. But according to another research on the road safety knowledge conducted by the University of Sussex revealed it is generally assumed that driving while having a phone conversation using hands-free technology is safe but evidence shows it is no safer than using a hand-held phone.

The survey shows that the ban on hand-held cellphones is working. While only 14% of drivers surveyed in states that have a law against holding a cell phone said they sometimes engage in hand-held conversations, 31% of those who reside in a state without a hand-held phone ban do so.

Another factor that plays an important role in these results was the age of the respondents behind the wheel. According to the results, senior drivers talked least behind the wheel: only 36% were reported. Whereas middle-age drivers were the worst offenders. Drivers ranging between the age of 30-59 said they only talk a few times a week either hands-free or handheld.

The survey also explored if and how drivers manipulated a cellphone. Experts say manipulating a phone is especially hazardous, increasing the chances for a crash.

Yet 38% of drivers surveyed admitted to reading emails or texts while driving and 33% said they sent emails or texts, notes IIHS. In both cases, drivers 18-24 years of age were the worst offenders.


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