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Protect your luggage with smart technology

Nothing spoils a trip than losing your luggage around the airport. Finding your lost luggage with a no idea of its location is a more crick in the neck than the long hectic flight. How about informing the authorities about the exact location of your luggage when it’s lost? Yes, it is now possible to know the exact location of your luggage anywhere around the world.

Recently a Chinese firm showed off this technology of smart suitcase in 2019 consumer electronics show. The firm claimed their suitcases uses the camera for facial recognition and movement tracking algorithm to lock in on its owner and travels with a speed of six miles per hour to stick with its owner with an ability to avoid collisions and making its way through the crowd.

With so much technology around, smart GPS luggage tracker is the new addition to this technology world. These trackers are based on two types of technologies i.e. Bluetooth and GPS. GPS tracker uses cellular technology to transmit the GPS location to a server.  This location can be accessed anywhere by using the mobile app. Now with this technology, any suitcase can be transformed into a smart suitcase.

To transform your ordinary luggage into the smart luggage, you simply need to pack the GPS based device in your luggage. Eagle-I offers this service through its asset management module. The real-time location of luggage can be tracked using Eagle-I mobile app. Eagle-I is for everyone. Whether you are traveling for business or a vacation, or you are carrying valuable item; Eagle-I transforms your luggage into smart luggage making it conveniently traceable and secure.

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