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Top 10 Benefits of Monitoring Axle Load

As transportation is getting evolved into smart mobility, we have also seen great advancement in telematics in the last couple of years. Among many parameters that now one can monitor like onboard diagnostic data, temperature, and humidity,  Eagle – I is now offering Axle Load monitoring as part of its advanced telematics leg. But the question arises why one should opt for axle load monitoring?

Here are the following top 10 reasons for opting axle load monitoring:

1. With live monitoring of Axle Load, you can easily identify whether your driver is following the approved load limits or not which will save you from hefty overloading fines.

2. You are paying your drivers to transport your load and not for others. It is a fact that the driver does carry the unapproved load to earn some extra money for themselves while you pay for fuel and vehicle maintenance. So with Axle Load monitoring, you can get an instant report of any overhead loading that doesn’t belong to you. 

3. A 20 Ton package should reach the destination as 20 Ton. So secure your load from theft while on the way by monitoring Axle Load.

4. The more a trailer carries a load, the more fuel is consumed, you can keep your loads in desirable range to avoid excessive fuel consumptions.

5. Overloaded trailers are prone to the risk of accident way more than those trailers that follow load limits, with Eagle-i axle load monitoring you can set alerts for overloading.

6. Overloading is dangerous but under loading is also not a good practice. With axle load monitoring, you can identify which vehicles are under loaded and can utilize the load capacity more efficiently.

7. Your trailer is your asset, so keep them in good condition by avoiding overloading as it directly affects the vehicle engine, tires, and chassis.

8. Once you adopt the practice of monitoring the Axle Load, you will identify the utilization of your assets in terms of the load they carry every day. With the Eagle-i service and renewal module, you can have a comparison on how much you are paying against each kg of weight carried in terms of fuel and maintenance.

9. Utilization comparison between different assets will give you a better insight on how to improve your overall fleet efficiencies.

10. Share your Axle Load report with your clients for each trip and earn the trust and credibility in the market. 


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