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Safety Feature for School Bus

It is so unfortunate that we come across such news where school bus driver leaves a child in the bus, locked, resulting in the death of the child because of the scorching heat in summer. To counter this issue of driver’s irresponsible attitude of checking the bus before parking, Digital Myth Solutions’ Eagle-I R&D Team developed a fool-proof safety feature. This safety feature ensures that the driver walks all across the bus before locking it down. This is how it works:

  1. A push button is installed at the end of the bus (inside)
  2. This push button is connected to the ignition of the vehicle through a module.
  3. The driver can start the vehicle normally, but he cannot turn off the engine by just turning the ignition switch
  4. In order to turn off the engine, the driver has to turn the ignition off from the switch, then he has to walk all across the bus to the end and push the button.
  5. Only then the vehicle engine will stop, ensuring that the driver should walk and check the bus till the last seat.
  6. While the bus is on the move, the push button will not work, so even if a child tries to push it, there will be no effect.

Opting this unique safety feature of Eagle-I, schools will make sure that no child will be left behind and will save precious lives. 


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