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How implementing GPS fleet tracking solution can cut down the insurance premiums?

While living in KSA, one can’t drive without having an insured car. To get your vehicle registered, insurance is the pre-requisite. Moreover, if you are involved in an accident without an insured car, you should expect to fork out a lot of money to compensate for the damage. Choosing the right insurance policy could save you bucks. But this brings up the question of how to cut down the insurance premiums?

Insurance has been constantly evolving since its inception.  With the passage of time, insurance policies have been matured. Nowadays many insurance companies are using telematics to classify risky driving behavior. With the infusion of the telematics technology into the insurance policy, you can have customized premiums depending on your driving habits. Most of the insurance companies offer a reduced insurance rate for vehicles exhibiting safe driving behavior.

How implementing GPS fleet tracking solution can cut down the insurance premiums?


While quoting the premium, insurance companies look for a number of factors such as driver age, parking residence location, car make and model and most of all, the security features that will protect the car. Many providers consider the GPS fleet tracking system as your commitment to the safety of your fleet and drivers. Since efficient fleet management and vehicle tracking solution such as Eagle-I offers you the insight of driver behavior, real-time tracking, and location of your assets, and the contemporary maintenance schedule.

The insight of a driver’s behavior allows you to monitor speeding, harsh acceleration, cornering, braking, seat-belt status. Moreover, it allows you to score your driver based on their individual performance on Driver Scorecard, helping you in identifying the safe vs. risky driver. Most of the insurers use the above-mentioned key factors to analyze driving habits while quoting insurance premiums.

Similarly, Eagle-I helps you in maintaining your vehicle with its maintenance and schedule module. This module issues an alert to notify the scheduled maintenance.  A properly maintained vehicle is less likely to engage in an accident because of the mechanical malfunctioning or a blown out tire, which means lower risk and lower insurance rate.

For more information on how GPS tracking can save your company money, with the possibility of reduced premiums, feel free to call Mr. Jamal +966 56 638 7859  write us at news@dms-ksa.com

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