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How driver’s behavior is co-related with fuel consumption and cost reduction?

Managing a fleet is no doubt a challenging task. Depending on the type of business, operational demands, requirements, and challenges of every fleet vary. It has been observed no matter which industry the fleet belongs to, there are some common concerns every fleet manager shares – effectively directing driver and assets, fuel consumption, and cost reduction.

Driver’s behavior plays an important role when it comes to the safety of the fleet, consumption of the fuel. About 87% of the drivers had engaged in aggressive driving once in their carrier. Accidents related to aggressive driving have increased by 400 percent since 1990.  Are your drivers accelerating too much? Are they violating speed limits on road?

Aggressive driving can be corrected when you have insight into the fleet driver’s behavior. To monitor your driver’s behavior contact for the free demo request. Eagle-I helps you in monitoring your driver’s behavior such as harsh braking, harsh acceleration, harsh turning, over speeding, etc. Moreover, it allows you to compare your driver’s performance with other drivers for the last 12 months using driver scorecard. To know more about driver scorecard click here!

Effective driving behavior not only keeps your fleet safe but is also responsible for optimal fuel consumption. According to one survey changing driver behavior is responsible for 5% – 30% reduction in annual fuel consumption. Over speeding, harsh braking and acceleration can reduce fuel economy by 33% in highway and 5% in urban area. Considerable money can be saved with a small change in mpg when applied across the substantial effect on the entire fleet. Optimizing the route with Eagle-I route and optimization module will also play an important factor in reducing the consumption of fuel. Moreover, reducing the idling time of the entire fleet may exponentially result in cost reduction. Eagle-I offers also offers the monitoring of idling. To know more about this click here!

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