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What’s New: Axle Load Monitoring

Axle load monitoring of heavy transport is always considered as one of the major components of Telematics. With the new regulation from the Public Transport Authority (Saudi Arabia), it is now mandatory for all transporters of the Kingdom to opt a telematics system which offers a reliable axle load monitoring solution. The acceptable margin of error as described by PTA should not be more than 10%.

Monitoring axle load is always a challenge and achieving an accuracy of 90% is a bigger goal. But Eagle-I like always has achieved this tremendous goal. Now with eagle-I axle load monitoring solution, you can monitor the load on your fleet at runtime and can save yourself with hefty fines on overloading.

Whether your vehicle has spring leaf axle or pneumatic axle, for both cases, Eagle-I offers a reliable solution. For spring leaf axles a high tech sensor is installed on the differential axle to monitor the change in height of that axle as the weight increases, this information is sent to the servers through eagle-I tracking device and the axle load is displayed on the eagle-I platform in KGs.


Similarly, in the case of pneumatic axles, a pressure sensor is installed to measure the air in the axle balloons which increases as the weight on axle increases.

Axle load monitoring is available on our Eagle-i platform. To access it, click here. 


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