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What is 5G technology and what will its impact be on Location technology?

In the modern world of technology, we have often heard about location technology affecting the businesses. But do we really know what this technology is all about? Location technology can be defined as the technology capable of detecting the current location and later manipulating this data to control events and information.

The data about the location can be collected by using various sensors and methods of calculating geographical location such as through GPS technology and cell tower triangulation. The most interesting fact of this technology is its availability, from full GPS device installed in vehicles to small GPS microchips integrated into mobile devices such as phones and tablets, it is available in every other device.

But unfortunately, there are some limitations with location technology when used with 4G due to its less speed and less accurate location techniques. A new generation of mobile connectivity is introduced to overcome these problems known as 5G. It is the fifth generation of mobile connectivity with its enhanced potential of energy saving, reduced latency, more significant capacity, and massive device connectivity. With 5G you can have faster communication because of its high speed and low communication latency. In comparison to 4G’s signals, 5G has a higher frequency which means signals will travel shorter distances as compared to 4G. A single 4G tower will be replaced with many 5G towers. There will be dozens of 5G towers with small coverage area and exact location information. But what about privacy?

We all know as a matter of fact that with the usage of smart mobiles we are somehow compromising on our privacy. So will be the case with the usage of 5G. Besides the benefit of accessing the exact location information, your location along with the up-to-date path will also be accurately plotted to your service provider. Anyone with access to the cell tower data can breach your privacy but at the same time, you can also have an opportunity to connect faster and accurate locations. Location technology would be more beneficial for its automobiles users with a positive impact on traffic flow, navigation would be more precise, safety conditions would be more improved. Moreover, the advertisers can also target the more relevant audiences based on their location for their ads.

So considering all the pros and cons of 5G on location technology, are you ready to embrace this new technology?


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