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How telematics and fleet management software are interconnected?

When we talk about telematics, it is the combination of different technologies such as telecommunication, vehicular technologies, and other technologies, like road safety technology, which records, stores, and remits data to remote objects through a network, electronic logins, real-time GPS capabilities, and fleet management systems. When such diverse technologies are combined to perform operations, the results will be dynamic.

To acquire the benefits of telematics for managing the fleet, one needs to integrate the fleet management and maintenance system with the software.  The fleet management systems consist of the data from the utilization of asset to its maintenance, compliance, accidents, and disposal. The integration allows the data from different operating systems to be gathered at the single platform which can be later used for analysis. This not only simplifies the cascade of data for analysis but also improves the efficiency and saves the time of an organization by having all the relevant information at one place for decision making. With the integration of fleet management system with the Eagle-I software, one can monitor the driver behavior (speeding, harsh acceleration, harsh braking, harsh corning), idling, fuel usage, predictive diagnostics, information about the destination whether by using Eagle-I weather layer. Eagle-I traffic layer allows its user to know the traffic condition of their route beforehand. Moreover, you can also categorize and reward your driver based on its performance by using Eagle-I driver scorecard.  Rewarding the driver not only increases driver loyalty but also improves its performance leading to the profitable business. You can also customize the driver scorecard according to your industry need. To customize the driver scorecard read here.

For the efficient management of fleet, integration of fleet software with the system is necessary. However, for the full utilization of the fleet software, a well-trained staff capable of handling the software is also of significant importance. The data collected, stored, and analyzed by the system can only make sense if it is clearly understood by the operators. This information loses value if proper actions are not taken to solve the problems that have been detected without delay.

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