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Big data and business intelligence: Shaping the future of fleet management.

With the prelude of big data and business intelligence, we have experienced the prompt growth of fleet management system. From connected vehicles to platform, and driver’s behavior, everything is connected to provide a better insight into your fleet. The data from the aforementioned allows the fleet managers to make a timely and informed decision about vehicles condition, asset and driver location, fuel economy, vehicle health, and its maintenance schedule. Fleet management industry which was once the reactive industry is transformed into the proactive one capable of dealing with the problem in real time as they arise all because of the abundance of data from fleets.

There were times when GPS systems were only used to track the location of vehicle but today with the help of Big data and business intelligence, it is not only capable of keeping the track of your valuable assets but it has been turned into a sophisticated tool for driving the paramount benefits to the fleets belonging to every industry, size, and composition. Not only has this but it also provided the insight about future trends and events if used properly.

When we talk about the benefits of big data in the fleet management system, it has played a vital role in cost reduction, risk mitigation, increasing the safety for both driver and assets. As it allows the fleet managers to identify the pattern, rectify and prevent the concern before something serious happens. For instance, if the temperature of refrigeration unit has failed or your asset is facing some technical issue or your asset is malfunctioning; an alert is issued by fleet management software to notify the driver and fleet manager about the possible technical malfunctioning.  When fleet managers have access to all the fleet data it will automatically lead to an overall better-performing fleet.

Similarly, when business intelligence tool is used, fleet operations can be improved with real-time decision making based on trending information. This tool not only gives access to trends, patterns, underperformance within the fleet operation but also transforms the fleet management operation along with cost saving and reducing downtime.

Big data and business intelligence provides insight into fleet operations and allows its user to make informed decisions according to changing situations.  Get in touch with Eagle-I for more information on how big data and BI can help you with your fleet operation.

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