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Importance of Security of your Telematics Accounts

Recently news broke out which literally jolted the telematics industry. As per the news, a hacker identified by alias L&M claimed to hack into over 25,000 accounts of two major telematics companies and got access to the telematics data of the fleet owners. He not only managed to access the data but also he claimed that he could immobilize thousands of vehicles altogether. To read more about this click here.

Just imagine the chaos that could have brought down the whole industry to its knees. Immobilizing the vehicles while they are on the road no doubt will have extreme consequences, but data leak is also not a minute issue. Your telematics data is as important as your identity. It contains your live location, your complete movement history, your daily routine, and your driving behavior.

Most of the telematics users are taking this issue very lightly, they assume that their data will be worthless for others but that is not the case. Think of a scenario where a burglar gets hands on your daily routine, what you should expect them. Or even worse, think of a kidnapper, trying to reach out your loved ones and you gave him everything that he needs by just not securing your telematics account.

This being said, let’s discuss how we can avoid these potential threats. The first thing is to make your account password as strong as possible and unique. It should contain symbols, a couple of capital letters and random numbers. Do not make it 123456, which is, unfortunately, the most common password for tracking platforms. If you are using a mobile application, keep a strong password for your mobile itself. Take a close look at your account login activity, ask your provider for the activity report every now and then.

Service providers should not just put all the responsibility to their users for security. There are measures that need to be taken from their side. Take an example of Eagle-I:  Eagle-I risk management department forecasted that issue when the new version was rolling out a couple of years back. So, Eagle-I took two groundbreaking security-related measures:

  1. Implemented SSL certificate to Eagle-I Web Platform, making all the communication encrypted and secure. In the next article, we will discuss SSL certificate and its benefits.
  2. Designed and gave access to its users a unique user login activity report, through which a user can see when his account was logged in and from which IP. Not just that, this report also enlists all the activities performed in that session.


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