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Fleet challenges and telematics solution

Have you considered the impact that a robust telematics software solution could have on your fleet’s operations?

Considering the numbers of drivers, machine operators and their maintenance it is nearly impossible to manage the fleet without proper fleet management solution. Without proper monitoring; the fuel economy, accidents, maintenance cost, insurance premiums, and downtime can quickly add up. Besides the bottom line of an organization being affected, the safety of the fleet is the topmost priority for any organization as it not only impacts the drivers, vehicles or organization which it belongs to but also the constituents in which the fleet operates.

With the changing trends of the telematics industry, the telematics software needs to be updated accordingly. But if the telematics solution that you invested in a decade ago for tracking your vehicle has not upgraded and keeping a steady pace with the technological advancements, it is the right time to bite the bullet and switch to another software capable of holding on new trends in the industry.

Eagle-I is one of the fleet telematics software that can help you in gaining your control back and streamlining your fleet operations with its capabilities of harnessing the data with its powerful software based upon artificial intelligence, machine learning. With its complex algorithms yet easy to use the software, fleet performances can be optimized.

Eagle-I offers versatile modules considering the need of the industry. From tracking your assets to the temperature and humidity monitoring, idling monitoring, traffic layer, and weather layer, Eagle-I also offers the axle load measurement. Not only this but predictive maintenance can also be done with the integration of OBD-II.

The future of fleet management is the data-insights and connectivity across every aspect of your vehicles, drivers, and constituents. And Eagle-I is proud to offer these data insights and connectivity but does your fleet management solution offers the same insight and connectivity?


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