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Will the GPS be replaced with the camera-enabled VPS navigation in future?

Did you ever feel like that GPS (Global positioning system) is not sufficient for you? Have you ever got lost while using GPS?  For people who get the doubt of “Am I going in the right direction?” There is an advanced technology of VPS which can help you in navigating better. But what is VPS?

VPS is the visual positioning system, poised to supplement the existing global positioning models. It is the next generation of position technology relies on cloud data. Google maps has recently introduced this new augmented reality service of VPS in May 2018.  For using VPS on google maps, the camera of your smartphone will be used to identify your surroundings and provides the best route or destination with 3D directions such as lit-up arrows. It is capable of finding indoor and outdoor locations by using ad-hoc visual markers. With smart VPS technology, signage, buildings, walls can be identified in location data. Google claims VPS to be beneficial for visually impaired persons too.

Visual position system is based on the technology of Artificial intelligence integrated to camera devices which will help in recognizing the surrounding. With this technology, unprecedented accuracy can be achieved in location data.

When compared with GPS, VPS is far more accurate because of its inability to drift. Whereas in GPS, drift occurs when the positional information that is obtained from GPS satellites move over time, causing most applications to add algorithms to address that drift. Moreover, weak signals due to thick cloud cover or skyscrapers are also responsible for this GPS drift.

It will also exhibit the “For You” tab which will pinpoint the nearby interests according to “Your Match” feature attempting to custom-tailor recommendations. This feature was purposefully developed to share the list with friends instead of relying on your memories when sharing some mutually interesting nearby place.



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