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Artificial intelligence controls on-demand bus services in Japan

Recently the vehicle service providers Japan’s Mitsubishi Corporation and Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co established a new joint venture to provide commercial on-demand-bus (ODB) transit service. This joint venture resulted in the struggle to provide efficient and sustainable public passenger road transportation (PPRT) in Japan. Artificial intelligence controlled bus services will be …

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How Telematics is Saving Lives Around the World?

Telematics is now being widely adopted by the companies of almost all the business sectors around the globe. It has been widely accepted that the benefits of telematics are enormous, not just in terms of a company’s productivity, but also as a social service. Following is a study shared in …

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Fatigue: the overlooked reason behind most of the accidents

Fatigue: an overlooked reason of accidents

In our previous articles, we focused that how telematics can be beneficial for fleet owners. Whether to increase the productivity and efficiency of the fleet or just to track the movement or the assets, it offers all. But eventually, it all comes down to the safety of the drivers, passengers, …

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Distracted driving – It’s not just your cell phone

Types of Distracted driving

While the technology has allowed us to stay connected more than ever before but it has also produced the distracted drivers more than ever before. Distracted driving is one of the most serious concerns of roadways safety. Although some distractions are unavoidable but there are some actions that can be …

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How to curb fuel spend in 2019?

tips for curbing fuel spend

It has been observed that the fuel prices have been on the rise for the last two years. As reported by Saudi Aramco, conventional retail gasoline prices of Octane 95 is to rise to 2.10 Riyals from 2.02 Riyals last quarter and Octane 91 to 1.44 Riyals from 1.37 Riyals …

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Why the utilization of assets matter?

Utilization of asset/fleet

While managing a fleet, one needs to produce the optimal replacement schedule for each individual vehicle but have you ever thought for taking an extra step for executing the utilization analysis for the fleet as a whole?   The key to optimizing the cost of your ownership and utilization rate is …

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