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Collins Aerospace miniature M-code based GPS receiver to be launched in 2020

Collins Aerospace Systems is set to launch the latest generation of its m-Code based GPS receiver known as Miniature PLGR Engine (MPE-M) in 2020. This GPS receiver will not be capable of receiving existing operational Y-Code GPS signals but will also receive newer M-Code signal. The Collins’ Miniature PLGR Engine – M-code (MPE-M) receiver has precise positioning capability which will be beneficial for space-constrained applications while providing increased security and anti-jam capabilities.

According to independent testing, the MPE-M is the lowest size, weight, and power (SWaP) small Type II form factor ground receiver available while incorporating the company’s recently certified Common GPS Module (CGM). Here it is worth mentioning that Collins Aerospace is currently the only military GPS receiver provider that manufactures its products in house, assuring control over quality and delivery schedules.

In an official statement, Troy Brunk, the vice president and general manager, Communication, Navigation and Electronic Warfare Systems for Collins Aerospace said: “The MPE-M is ideal for lightweight, ground-based applications such as radios, blue force trackers, targeting devices, vehicle LRU’s and small unmanned aircraft”.

The new MPE-M technology is will size-compatible with the MPE-S  receiver while providing ten-times stronger anti-jamming capabilities for the direct acquisition of GPS signals than its predecessor.  It also contains the required SAASM functionality 






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