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What Is Fleet Management?

FLEET MANAGEMENT involves a series of diverse tasks for businesses who rely on transportation, aimed at controlling costs, productivity, efficiency and risks in vehicle acquisition, fuel management, compliance and more. It covers the scope of many industries from freight, to delivery, sales and service, oil & gas, and emergency services. …

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Cost benefits are increasing fleet telematics uptake in the GCC

Numerous experts have told Construction Week this year that the global construction sector lags behind other industries in terms of technology adoption. For instance, Kareem Farah, the chief executive officer of UAE-headquartered contractor, ECC, warned that resistance to tech investments would “create a void between the industry leaders and lagging competition”. In an …

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Fleet Management Drives Safety

GPS tracking, fleet optimization move to the forefront of contractors’ minds In the world of HVACR, the focus is often directed toward the equipment in the field, such as a/c units, furnaces, boilers, air handlers, and condensing units. However, fleet management is an essential part of the business that cannot …

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GPS tracking seen to boost use of emergency vehicles

Fire and Emergency Medical Services Commissioner Clyde Norita met with representatives from TrackMe! Guam last Frday to discuss Global Positioning System tracking for emergency vehicles in the Commonwealth. The move is touted as a means for DFEMS to reduce fuel cost, maintenance costs, and operational costs as well as increase …

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