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Fatigue: the overlooked reason behind most of the accidents

Fatigue: an overlooked reason of accidents

In our previous articles, we focused that how telematics can be beneficial for fleet owners. Whether to increase the productivity and efficiency of the fleet or just to track the movement or the assets, it offers all. But eventually, it all comes down to the safety of the drivers, passengers, …

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Distracted driving – It’s not just your cell phone

Types of Distracted driving

While the technology has allowed us to stay connected more than ever before but it has also produced the distracted drivers more than ever before. Distracted driving is one of the most serious concerns of roadways safety. Although some distractions are unavoidable but there are some actions that can be …

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How to curb fuel spend in 2019?

tips for curbing fuel spend

It has been observed that the fuel prices have been on the rise for the last two years. As reported by Saudi Aramco, conventional retail gasoline prices of Octane 95 is to rise to 2.10 Riyals from 2.02 Riyals last quarter and Octane 91 to 1.44 Riyals from 1.37 Riyals …

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Why the utilization of assets matter?

Utilization of asset/fleet

While managing a fleet, one needs to produce the optimal replacement schedule for each individual vehicle but have you ever thought for taking an extra step for executing the utilization analysis for the fleet as a whole?   The key to optimizing the cost of your ownership and utilization rate is …

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How the corporate fleet is being revolutionized?

How the corporate fleet is being revolutionized?

Fleet owners of corporate sectors are percolating the changes in their fleet by transiting their fleet from reactive to proactive with the use of connected technology. The technology of connecting vehicles has proven to be the turning point in the global economy, whilst leaving their impacts utterly on every sector …

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Fleet challenges and telematics solution

Have you considered the impact that a robust telematics software solution could have on your fleet’s operations? Considering the numbers of drivers, machine operators and their maintenance it is nearly impossible to manage the fleet without proper fleet management solution. Without proper monitoring; the fuel economy, accidents, maintenance cost, insurance …

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Importance of Security of your Telematics Accounts

Recently news broke out which literally jolted the telematics industry. As per the news, a hacker identified by alias L&M claimed to hack into over 25,000 accounts of two major telematics companies and got access to the telematics data of the fleet owners. He not only managed to access the …

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Big data and business intelligence: Shaping the future of fleet management.

With the prelude of big data and business intelligence, we have experienced the prompt growth of fleet management system. From connected vehicles to platform, and driver’s behavior, everything is connected to provide a better insight into your fleet. The data from the aforementioned allows the fleet managers to make a …

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How telematics and fleet management software are interconnected?

When we talk about telematics, it is the combination of different technologies such as telecommunication, vehicular technologies, and other technologies, like road safety technology, which records, stores, and remits data to remote objects through a network, electronic logins, real-time GPS capabilities, and fleet management systems. When such diverse technologies are …

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What is the importance of Axle load monitoring system?

As we all know, a new rule has been passed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia regarding the monitoring of load. According to this new rule, it will be mandatory for every public transporter to have their trucks integrated with the load sensors. But do you know why this is …

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