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Top reasons for fleet manager’s failures

Finding the fleet manager who is capable enough to manage the fleet is hard to find. It’s not about finding the right individual who performs the set of roles and responsibilities but the one capable to cope up with current hanging conditions. Although core responsibilities of a fleet manager stretch …

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How fleet management will change in 2019?

how the fleet will change in 2019

As we are heading towards 2019, its time to reflect on the evolution of technology.  Keeping that evolution in mind, we need to do a reality check about where we are currently standing and where we are heading towards. When it comes to fleet telematics, 2018 was the year of …

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Vehicle abuse: What is it? And how to prevent it?

what is vehicle abuse

Does vehicle abuse really exist? Is it a real thing? Are there ways to stop vehicle abuse? The answers to all these questions are yes! To Stop Vehicle Abuse, one needs to identify what it is.  Vehicle abuse can come in many forms but in the simplest words, it can be …

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How preventing a road accidents within a fleet is a good idea?

There are several industries whose business relies on the utilization of assets. While driving on the road is no more a walk in the park because of the increased distracted and aggressive driving by either party. One estimates says approximately 20 percent of the company’s fleet engages in an accident …

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Top 13 reasons for using GPS Tracking

In today’s world of technology, everyone would have used GPS navigation at one point or another. May it be for reaching the destination or to locate the nearest mall but what about GPS tracking, have you used this similar technology? We might have not realized the importance of using it. …

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Is your fleet ready for winter?

Although the sun is still shining but chilly mornings have started to creep in. This is the time of year to get your vehicles prepared for the upcoming weather change. Here are some of the tips to keep your fleet on the road, mitigate the downtime and increase the vehicle’s …

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How traffic congestion is affecting the productivity of fleet?

Can you remember the last time your driver told you he was stuck in traffic and couldn’t arrive at the time? Hopefully not much longer ago, was it? Traffic congestion is a real problem but it also being used by drivers as an excuse for their irresponsible behavior. Where increased …

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How weather forecasting can be helpful in improving asset utilization?

As a fleet management personnel, one knows how weather can be a game-changing factor. From reducing your productivity to delayed delivery time, weather can impose the substantial penalty to your organization’s bottom line. In 2017, the middle east region faced heavy rain and climate disasters resulting in a lost cargo, …

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How telematics can be beneficial for supply chain?

We as a community have become more demanding than ever before. A few years back 15% of the market demand fast delivery and by then fast delivery meant to be 2-3 working days.  Same day delivery was something that was not even an option to be considered back then and …

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Telematics: More than Just Cost Savings

In the current economic recession of the country, everyone is looking for ways to save, and it’s always well advised to make sure you get the most for what you paid. Investing in a telematics service such as Eagle-I might seem tough in current economic condition. But re-upping for such …

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