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Driver scorecard-First step to the safety of your fleet

No matter what the size of the fleet is, the safety of the asset and driver is always of the utmost importance for any fleet manager. To address the safety concerns of asset and to monitor the driver’s performance, driver scorecard was designed. Driver scorecard initially emerged as important metrics …

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What will be the possible fleet agenda in 2019?

Considering the current uncertainty in business environments have you wondered what strategies will be formulated in 2019 to overcome this effect? It is certain that no company can totally avoid the impact of increasing costs. To subdue the effect of inflation, strategies will be formulated to make the operations more …

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How to save money while managing your fleet?

Managing a fleet effectively and efficiently is an uphill struggle that every fleet manager confronts every day. From managing a fleet operation to the routine wear and tear of assets, there are so many expenses to consider. This brings up the question then how to maintain costs while keeping service …

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Using Telematics Data for Fleet Budgeting

End of the year is the time for budgeting. Generating of a budget for fleet operations is a daunting challenge for each company. The reason is clear. There are numerous factors that need to be considered, they are interlinked in such a way that makes it almost impossible to predict …

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What happens when OBD meets telematics?

How would you feel if you receive an instant alert in case of malfunctioning of your asset or even when your asset is facing some technical issues?  Not only has this but you also had online access to the previous maintenance and services availed data. Wouldn’t it be helpful in …

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Top reasons for fleet manager’s failures

Finding the fleet manager who is capable enough to manage the fleet is hard to find. It’s not about finding the right individual who performs the set of roles and responsibilities but the one capable to cope up with current hanging conditions. Although core responsibilities of a fleet manager stretch …

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How fleet management will change in 2019?

how the fleet will change in 2019

As we are heading towards 2019, its time to reflect on the evolution of technology.  Keeping that evolution in mind, we need to do a reality check about where we are currently standing and where we are heading towards. When it comes to fleet telematics, 2018 was the year of …

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Vehicle abuse: What is it? And how to prevent it?

what is vehicle abuse

Does vehicle abuse really exist? Is it a real thing? Are there ways to stop vehicle abuse? The answers to all these questions are yes! To Stop Vehicle Abuse, one needs to identify what it is.  Vehicle abuse can come in many forms but in the simplest words, it can be …

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How preventing a road accidents within a fleet is a good idea?

There are several industries whose business relies on the utilization of assets. While driving on the road is no more a walk in the park because of the increased distracted and aggressive driving by either party. One estimates says approximately 20 percent of the company’s fleet engages in an accident …

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Top 13 reasons for using GPS Tracking

In today’s world of technology, everyone would have used GPS navigation at one point or another. May it be for reaching the destination or to locate the nearest mall but what about GPS tracking, have you used this similar technology? We might have not realized the importance of using it. …

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