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What is the importance of adding location in IoT?

The internet of things (IoT) is not the future—it is today. We have already seen how the technology of the internet of things has taken over the industries. It has already started shaping the business’s world with evident and instantaneous advantages.  Whether it be logistics, transportation or healthcare sector, every industry …

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Is business intelligence and location intelligence the same things of the parallel world?

In today’s highly competitive business scenario for staying in industry, one needs to stay updated about new technology to render utmost benefits. This benefit is not about money but by producing positive changes. In this new world of technology, almost every organization is storing their data at every level which …

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IoT: Connecting virtual world with physical world

We are well aware of the Internet of Computers, where our computers, laptops, and smartphones are all connected together and sharing information continuously. We are sending messages, receiving emails, sharing pictures, posting on social media, seamlessly because of the Internet of Computers. It is not long ago when the concept …

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Preventive maintenance: A new trend in Fleet Maintenance

We are going through an era where each day reveals a new advancement in technology. Companies are now focusing to deliver their products via drones, robots. Recently, the last mile, delivery provider of Amazon implemented an A.I based solution known as Driveroo.  It is the proactive auto care service platform …

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Indoor mapping- Future of technology

With the advancement in technology our traditional ways of using map has been redefined. Traditionally we used to have our focus on starting and ending point on map but with new advancements in technology one step further is possible i.e. now we can get real time data happening in our …

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