What's New in Eagle -i

Traffic Layer

Eagle-I has taken another step in advanced fleet management.  Now in Tracking Dashboard, you can see the live traffic status on the map. It will help you identify on which roads there is traffic congestion, letting you guide your drivers accordingly.   To enable the traffic layer, go to tracking …

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Eagle-I API

Unleash the power Eagle-I Telematics Engine with new Eagle-I API.   What is Eagle-I API?  API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is the interface that allows software applications to communicate with one another. With Eagle-I API, you can pull data of your fleet out of Eagle-I database and use …

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What's New in Insights

The ROI of Telematics: an investment that keeps on paying

Telematics, when implemented and used properly, can cause transformational effects in your organization. Organizations that have integrated the telematics, not only reports its cost-effectiveness but the positive reduction in risk and increased productivity. The cost of telematics has pertained to the hardware, the installation of this hardware, the monthly subscription …

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