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Telematics interoperability standards to be launched for shipping containers

The Container Owners Association(COA), the international organization, has announced on Thursday that its Telematics/Track Trace Work Group will take the unprecedented step of providing an open standard (at the application layer level) to permit interoperability of telematics device data from the various solution providers in the maritime shipping sector. The …

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Van drivers with heavy load are at risk, are you one of them?

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles conducted the survey among van drivers about the impact of heavy loads on braking distances. According to the New Vehicles, van braking distances can increase by up to 36% equal to an extra two miles at 30 mph, when the vehicle has a 500 Kg payload. Majority of …

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What’s New: Axle Load Monitoring

Axle load monitoring of heavy transport is always considered as one of the major components of Telematics. With the new regulation from the Public Transport Authority (Saudi Arabia), it is now mandatory for all transporters of the Kingdom to opt a telematics system which offers a reliable axle load monitoring …

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