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Top 10 Benefits of Monitoring Axle Load

As transportation is getting evolved into smart mobility, we have also seen great advancement in telematics in the last couple of years. Among many parameters that now one can monitor like onboard diagnostic data, temperature, and humidity,  Eagle – I is now offering Axle Load monitoring as part of its …

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Nearly One-Third of Drivers Talk on Phone Daily revealed the survey

driver using phone while driving

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) conducted the survey to determine the usage of mobile phones behind the wheel. The survey was conducted for the base year 2018. Among 80% of the survey respondents admitted that they have used their cell phones behind the wheels in the past 30 …

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بطاقة كفاءة السائق ، الخطوة الاولى لسلامة اسطولك

ايا كان حجم الاسطول ، فان سلامة السائق والمركبة هي الاولوية القصوى لأي شركة. تختلف العوامل التي تقود الى تعزيز او اضعاف مستويات السلامة في المركبة. لكن يبقى دور السائق هو العامل الرئيس في الاتجاهين. القيادة المطابقة للقواعد ستعزز مستوى السلامة وربما تضعف دور اي عامل سلبي آخر. بعكس القيادة …

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Are you ready to encounter this weather with telematics solution?

Saudi Arabia is raining and poring this week! Driving during rain can be either exhilarating or depressing depending on your driving style. While all conditions cannot be overcome but with using telematics solution such as Eagle-i, inconvenience can be avoided ahead of time. We all know how traffic congestions and …

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Driver Safety: How Employers Can Put the Brakes on Speeders

There’s no denying that employers have an important role — and responsibility — to help reduce the number of deaths and injuries related to vehicle collisions. Stopping speeders requires action. Employers can positively influence driver safety on (and off) the job through safety-focused leadership. It has been mathematically proven that …

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