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How telematics and fleet management software are interconnected?

When we talk about telematics, it is the combination of different technologies such as telecommunication, vehicular technologies, and other technologies, like road safety technology, which records, stores, and remits data to remote objects through a network, electronic logins, real-time GPS capabilities, and fleet management systems. When such diverse technologies are …

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How driver’s behavior is co-related with fuel consumption and cost reduction?

Managing a fleet is no doubt a challenging task. Depending on the type of business, operational demands, requirements, and challenges of every fleet vary. It has been observed no matter which industry the fleet belongs to, there are some common concerns every fleet manager shares – effectively directing driver and …

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بطاقة كفاءة السائق ، الخطوة الاولى لسلامة اسطولك

ايا كان حجم الاسطول ، فان سلامة السائق والمركبة هي الاولوية القصوى لأي شركة. تختلف العوامل التي تقود الى تعزيز او اضعاف مستويات السلامة في المركبة. لكن يبقى دور السائق هو العامل الرئيس في الاتجاهين. القيادة المطابقة للقواعد ستعزز مستوى السلامة وربما تضعف دور اي عامل سلبي آخر. بعكس القيادة …

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Driver scorecard-First step to the safety of your fleet

No matter what the size of the fleet is, the safety of the asset and driver is always of the utmost importance for any fleet manager. To address the safety concerns of asset and to monitor the driver’s performance, driver scorecard was designed. Driver scorecard initially emerged as important metrics …

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