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Fleet management system vs Vehicle tracking system

Are you getting what you are paying for? Do you know the difference between Vehicle Tracking System and Fleet Management System? It is important to get as much information as possible as most of the solutions merchandised as fleet management systems are indeed vehicle tracking system with trivial changes. Vehicle …

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Running passenger buses? See how Eagle-I improve your operations

Your buses run the same route day after day. Everything is going as usual.  This is what you think, at least in theory. You might ask your drivers at the end of the day, and they tell you that everything went fine as usual, i.e. they took the prescribed routes …

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How fleet management system (FMS) benefits cold chain shipping?

Food shipping is a field of daily challenges. In November 2016, the authorities stopped 25 truckloads of rotten chicken before it arrived to the market. It was said that the shipments were initially loaded in a good condition, but the trucks were not equipped sufficiently for such sensitive materials. In …

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