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Why it is important to educate your fleet drivers about telematics?

As a fleet owner, you should have a clear understanding that your operations depend upon your drivers. From the safety of your assets to the prestige of your company, everything goes down to one factor, how good your drivers are? Monitoring the drivers through telematics tools like Eagle-i’s driver behavior …

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A Campaign to safer roads-End distracted driving

To keep the fleet safe, one needs to minimize all the possible distractions that can be mortal. This can be done by educating your drivers about the possible causes and outcomes of distracted driving, rewarding the safe driving practices and implementing the technology to reinforce the corrective actions. According to …

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Why determining the Safety Fleet metrics is important for your business?

A fleet safety strategy consists of a number of key metrics that can help reduce fleet accidents What is transportation intelligence? Everyone will have a different answer but for me, it’s a smarter way of connecting data, analytics, and fleet assets to make more informed decisions. No matter how advanced …

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