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Why does your business even need route planning software?

When you have an extensive network of destinations, then manual route planning is neither an efficient option nor practical to be considered. Depending on the complexity of your routes, geography, customer expectations, budget and so on – every decision is crucial, and if it’s the wrong one, it can have …

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What is route optimization?

While running a commercial fleet we often think of the best practical route for a vehicle to take, based on a number of destinations, fleet size, costs. No matter the size of the fleet, the goal of every fleet management company is to do more work with less mileage and …

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Telematics system still needs to be explored and utilized!

For a while, a boom has been seen where transportation companies have overwhelmingly adopted to telematics technology and fleet management system. But according to a new survey, most of the fleet utilizing the telematics are lacking their full potential. Recently, Teletrac Navman conducted a survey on 2,400 fleets around the …

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Fleet management system vs Vehicle tracking system

Are you getting what you are paying for? Do you know the difference between Vehicle Tracking System and Fleet Management System? It is important to get as much information as possible as most of the solutions merchandised as fleet management systems are indeed vehicle tracking system with trivial changes. Vehicle …

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