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Importance of Security of your Telematics Accounts

Recently news broke out which literally jolted the telematics industry. As per the news, a hacker identified by alias L&M claimed to hack into over 25,000 accounts of two major telematics companies and got access to the telematics data of the fleet owners. He not only managed to access the …

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Hacker claimed to control hundreds of thousands of vehicles, stopping the vehicles engines, due to poorly-secured GPS tracking apps

With the evolution of technology, computers are not limited to your desktop only. You carry it everywhere with you in the form of a smartphone, even sometimes your vehicles are controlled by your smartphone. But do you think there is enough security to protect unwanted intervention in your privacy? According …

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You own your vehicle but who owns your vehicle data?

An independent market research company Ipsos conducted an online survey on behalf of the Auto Care Association (ACA) between Aug. 22 and Aug. 30. Almost 4,600 drivers in the U.S took part in this survey. To the astonishment, a wide misconception was revealed. Almost three-quarters respondents were unaware of the …

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Eagle-I API

Unleash the power Eagle-I Telematics Engine with new Eagle-I API.   What is Eagle-I API?  API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is the interface that allows software applications to communicate with one another. With Eagle-I API, you can pull data of your fleet out of Eagle-I database and use …

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Jaw Dropping Reparation Costs – A Survey

With the results of the survey published by a private company in the UK, an average mid-sized business is charged £6,000 annually for reparation. Besides this reckoning cost, vehicle’s downtime is another factor affecting the line of work. Among the survey respondents, about half (54%) of them observed an accident …

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