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Eagle-i, an AVL Tracking System

Eagle-i, an AVL  tracking system that brings your expectations to reality Automating fleet with GPS vehicle tracking system is the best way to manage your vehicles/drivers. It puts you in control and helps you cut losses. You will like Eagle-i because it is designed to be loved. It has a …

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Internet of Things Automation with Real-Time GPS Trackers

THE INTERNET OF THINGS The dream of an automated future, a future painted so vividly in science fiction pulp from yesteryear, is finally upon us. From thermostats learning about your temperature preferences and automatically adjusting to your presence, to front door locks automatically unlocking while the lights turn on, announcing …

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4 Benefits Of Route Planning For Your Fleet

How efficient is your route planning for your fleet? When a customer calls and needs service, do you know which driver to send to handle that need swiftly and efficiently, and how to get the driver to the customer as quickly as possible? Route planning is an essential part of …

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How The Latest Satellite Improves GPS Technology

On Feb. 5, 2016, the United States launched the final satellite in its current GPS improvement plan. As a fleet professional who relies on GPS fleet tracking every day, you may find yourself curious about what the launch of this satellite means for your fleet and your vehicles. Here’s what …

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Fleet managers often struggle with thinking proactively about fleet safety. When an accident occurs, most fleet managers wish they could be safer; but it’s hard to define exactly what fleet safety is or how to improve it. What is Fleet Safety? As the New York Times recently reported, traffic deaths …

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